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We have over 24 years of experience with refinishing and restoring hardwood floors in the St. Louis area. Our expert services also include the installation of basic to advanced job finished as well as pre-finished hardwood. We work on new and existing residential homes, commercial property (schools, retail storefronts, churches), additions, remodels, demolition, reconstruction, renovation and historical restoration.

One of the best benefits of having wood flooring is the ease of cleaning hardwood floorsCleaning hardwood floors entail occasional sweeping with a regular broom to get rid of dust that may have settled on the floor. Be sure however that when cleaning hardwood floors, you use only a soft broom that will not scratch the polyurethane varnish off the floor.

Thinking about covering up those wood floors.  Well, think again...most hardwood floors nowadays can be refinished to look new (and even better) for much less of what a carpet would cost. Being easy to maintain, hypoallergenic, along with beautiful, Hardwood floors can add value to your home.

Hardwood floors are your best choice when it comes to flooring options. Hardwood floors are preferred over carpet flooring because it does not retain allergy causing pollen like carpets do. Also, carpets need a lot more cleaning and maintenance than hardwood floors. Carpets also tend to smell over time, while hardwood do not.

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Professional Hardwood Floors of St. Louis
Professional Floors of St. Louis

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Professional Hardwood Floors of St. Louis

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Our Clients Include Such Names As:
- Omni Hotel - Ann Taylor
- Frontenac & Galleria
- Kennedy High School
- YMCA of Greater St. Louis
- Vianney High School
- The Fire Works Restoration Co

Professional Floors of St. Louis

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(314) 925-4898